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Ever since I began my interest in filmmaking my passion has been creating powerful, real stories about the human experience. I am about to finish postproduction on "DREAM"-a horror drama short and I have just started preproduction on "DUNDEE", a social realist drama inspired by the real life stories of people I grew up with.

I began studying film production at the University for the Creative Arts in September 2017, graduating in June, 2020. During that time I have worked professionally on several short films, including as casting director on  "What A Circus", produced by the BBC Arts and later broadcast on BBC Three, and also worked as a Floor Runner on the feature film Rat on a Highway, starring Randeep Hooda.

I am currently working freelance as an Assistant Director and Production Runner.


Trained Using:

  • Premier Pro

  • AVID

  • Sony A6300

  • XF 305

  • EOS C300 

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